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A free tax risk management handbook, summary book and the latest key judgment against SARS

Tax Risk Management is more relevant than ever.

Claim your free Tax Risk Management pdf copy now:

a Tax Intelligence The 7 Habitual Tax Mistakes Made by Companies updated 26 Jan 2018

Here is the summary book:

7 Habitual Tax Mistakes updated 26 Jan 2018

Here is a tax risk management plan template, based on our one project in Hungary for a MNE:

TRM Policy Document PRECEDENT General with Hungary – case study

Here is a ground breaking judgment against SARS where additional assessments were set aside  because SARS failed to issue a Letter of Findings:

SA Tax case 2018 Judgment section 42 TAA et al_Redacted

If you have a client, where SARS has issued adjustments or additional assessments without issuing a letter of findings, we will assess  your case to assist in having the defect rectified by SARS, at no cost. PLEASE NOTE: Now that you are aware that SARS failed to issue a Letter of Findings, your client now has 180 days to launch a High Court application to set aside the SARS adjustments or additional assessments for failing to issue a letter of findings. The clock is ticking…act now. We will assist.

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