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How To Deal With PE Risks In Practice Post BEPS? – A 5-step Approach

How To Deal With PE Risks In Practice Post BEPS? – A 5-step Approach In an attempt to close the loopholes of the existing PE definition through BEPS Action 7, the OECD has, inadvertently, also lowered the threshold for the classification of the local business activities of a foreign enterprise as a PE of such […]


Africa Tax Journal – Read for Free

www.AfricaTaxJournal.com and www.ErasmusOnTax.com Enlist at www.ErasmusOnTax.com and subscribe for the FREE eBook on Tax Risk Management a summary of the book Tax Intelligence: The 7 Habitual Mistakes Companies Make available on Amazon.com at: https://www.amazon.com/Tax-Intelligence-Habitual-Mistakes-Companies/dp/145006874X For a FREE pdf copy of the book, please email daniel@TaxRiskManagement.com Articles to be published include: An update on tax disputes, how to handle them, reviewing Revenue […]


Tax Intelligence

I wrote a book on tax risk management that includes tax and strategy. It is called TAX INTELLIGENCE and is available on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Tax-Intelligence-Habitual-Mistakes-Companies/dp/145006874X However, I am willing to send free pdf copies to those who request it – please send your requests to daniel@TaxRiskManagement.com. The book has been used in college tax classes on tax […]


Transfer Pricing Update 2017 by Professors Daniel N.Erasmus & Anneline Venter

Transfer Pricing Update 2017 by Professors Daniel N.Erasmus & Anneline Venter     OVERVIEW In post BEPS world changes have become a frequent feature – and a feature to be ignored at your own peril. South African authorities have published transfer pricing reporting, record keeping and disclosure requirements as part of their BEPS implementation strategy. […]


S.Africa: Foreign exchange VDP Update

FOREIGN EXCHANGE VOLUNTARY DISCLOSURE UPDATE For more information contact www.TaxRiskManagement.com at daniel@TaxRiskManagement.com 01 Feb 2017 by Kubashni Moodley of PKF at kubashni.moodley@pkf.co.za or call +27 31 573 5000. A Special Voluntary Disclosure Programme has been introduced to allow South Africans to regularise any undisclosed foreign assets, the programme will run for a period of 11 months commencing […]


De Rebus Dec 2016 – check the Law Reports



S.Africa: SAB wins against SARS on drinks and duties classifications

SA SAB v SARS customs duties on drinks


Seedco’s expansion in Africa – one of our clients

newspaper article seedco


Tax updates – register to receive free tax updates

Please send your email details to info@TaxRiskManagement.com to receive Tax Updates from South Africa and Africa.


South Africa: Country-by-country (CbC) reporting – final regulations issued

South Africa Report from Emily Muyaa, IBFD Managing Senior, Sub-Saharan Africa Country-by-country (CbC) reporting – final regulations issued The final regulations on CbC reporting were issued via Government Gazette No.R. 1598 of 23 December 2016 (the Regulations). The Regulations specify the changes to the CbC reporting standard for multinational enterprises (MNEs) required for South Africa’s […]

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